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R.S.R. Marcroix

The association R.S.R. Marcroix FROM THE START... During the Olympic Games in 1924, Charles Ferdinand Pahud the Mortanges won the gold medal with his half-blood gelding Marcroix during an exhausting military. Inspired by Pahud, several gentleman from het R.S.C. decided to set up R.S.R. Marcroix, on October the 16th, 1925. Even after eighty-nine years, this seemed not such a bad idea. THE WONDER HORSE 'MARCROIX' Marcroix was the 'wonder horse', mounted by Lutenant der Huzaren Pahud de Mortanges. Marcroix won at the Olympic Games in Amsterdam (1928) and Los Angeles (1932) a golden meldal on the individuals, and a team golden and silver medal with the Military. Pahud de Mortanges is with four golden and one silver medal still the most successful olympian the Netherlands has ever known. TODAY R.S.R. Marcroix is nowadays "the" association for all student riders in Rotterdam. We ride weekly in our group lesson on Wednesday from 19.00 till 20.00 at the Rotterdamsche Man√®ge. After the lesson we have a drink and a good meal in the society of the Jockey Club. Apart from the lessons we organize outdoor rides, mutual competitions, club competitions of the Jockey Club, members weekend, christmas dinner, drinks, and more. ASSOCIATION R.S.R. Marcroix is a by association of het R.V.S.V., het R.S.C. and the V.N.S., and also a 'club' of the Jockey Club. With regularity there are national (V.N.S.) and international (A.I.E.C.) student dressage- and showjumping competitions. The national competitions are called 'cities meetings', these are organized by different student riding associations within the Netherlands. Summarized the student can participate in activities from: - The Jockey Club (in case the Marcroix-member is also a member of the Jockey Club); - Vereniging Nederlandse Studentruiters (national organisation for student riding associations); - Association Internationale des √Čtudiants Cavaliers (international organisation for student riding associations).