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Students-for-Students (S4S)

Better education for students, by students Our connection to the CLI Students-for-Students (S4S) is part of the Community for Learning and Innovation (CLI), which was founded to ensure our university offers education to a new generation of students, which is catered to their needs. For teachers it is important to stay inspired and ahead of the game. The CLI helps encouraging teachers to keep learning, and to improve their professional development and growth. What we do Students-for-Students (S4S) stimulates and facilitates students’ projects which contribute to improving the quality of education for students. S4S is funded by governmental resources, which are freed up by the abolition of the Dutch basic student grant (“basisbeurs”) in 2015, and are now transferred directly to the universities to invest in the improvement of education. By enabling students to contribute to the improvement of their education and supporting them in making their education future-proof, S4S brings these resources back to the students. Our story The S4S Support Platform of the Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR) originates from an initiative proposal by University Council student member Daniel Sieczkowski and is inspired by Prof. Dr. Gert-Jan Kleinrensink, who has been running a similar and tremendously successful S4S support platform at the Erasmus MC - called the Genootschap voor Extra-curriculaire Rotterdamse Studentenprojecten (GERS) - since many years.