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Rode Kruis Studentendesk Rotterdam

The Red Cross in Rotterdam-Rijnmond We are the Red Cross Rotterdam-Rijnmond. We are here for you. Always, everywhere and always in an appropriate way. We are there for the thousands of people who (suddenly) live in food shortage, for people without a roof over their heads, for people who do not have transport to or from the hospital, for people who cannot go to the supermarket to do their shopping and much more. We are also ready to provide assistance during large and small events. With our first aid courses for individuals. And with teams that are ready 24 hours a day to provide assistance in the event of calamities. Finally, we are also there for people who cannot find the way to appropriate help. Want to know which Red Cross locations in Rotterdam-Rijnmond are near you? Would you like to know which Red Cross department you can turn to for help or where you can apply as a volunteer? Enter your zip code and go to the page of your Red Cross location in Rotterdam-Rijnmond.