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Women's Business Network

About WBN The Women’s Business Network (WBN) is a study association that offers a platform for ambitious female students and graduates at the Erasmus University Rotterdam. Our association is established as a response on the growing demand for diversity within businesses and society. Our goal is to become a platform where we can connect young talented female students and graduates with the right companies as well as mentors and alumni. We want to empower young women to become successful leaders in the world of business. Through WBN, members are able to find their career direction, develop their professional network and skills, and take their first step in launching their careers. In order to make this happen we focus on three main development areas for our members: education, skills and networking. With every event we aim to add value to at least one of these three areas. This can include leadership conferences, inhouse-days, case study events, a mentorship program, social events, various workshops, etc. Together with our business partners we aspire to raise more awareness for the importance of gender diversity issues and hope to inspire young determined female students to be the best version of themselves.