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Utrecht Union

The Utrecht Union is a student initiative that was founded in 2019: an organization for and by students that organizes interviews with surprising, innovative speakers in our special location: the Academy Building at the Domplein. Inspired by similar initiatives in Cambridge and Oxford, we try to pull students out of their comfort zone through our interviews and show them that there are alternative paths to follow. We believe that you don't always have to do what is expected of you and that you don't have to follow a boring study plan just because it's "what you're supposed to do." We encourage students to choose their own paths and to take risks. Over the past three years, we have had interesting interviews with Caroline van der Plas, Jan Peter Balkenende, Epke Zonderland, Rutger Bregman, Jan Terlouw, and Jimmy Nelson, among others. Come to one of our interviews and step out of your bubble! All interviews include drinks into the ticket price.