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MAEUR - Marketing Association Erasmus University Rotterdam

About MAEUR For over 50 years, MAEUR has been organizing inspiring and innovative events for all marketing- and data-minded students of the Erasmus University Rotterdam. Events like the Commercial Break, the Speed Dating Event, the MAEUR Data Summit and the Advertising Day return every year to improve students’ future chances in the labor market and enhance their knowledge about marketing. Also, participants of the International Consultancy Project and the Bachelor Consultancy Project go all over the world to do research for the most successful companies. The primary goals of MAEUR are learning, networking and socializing. We focus on connecting student- and corporate life by hosting a variety of events connected to the marketing world. Besides this, socializing is considered an important aspect of our association. Every month our members come together at the Marketing Drink where they can interact with each other while having a drink. Every year, the board aims to adapt the events to the latest innovations in the marketing field so MAEUR stays on top of the latest trends. We are the official study association for the RSM master Marketing Management, and the ESE masters Marketing, and Data Science & Marketing Analytics. However, any student with an interest in data or marketing is welcome at MAEUR! Do you have any further questions? Feel free to send an e-mail to